On September 13th, 2022, the Kansas State Board of Education took action at its monthly board meeting to APPROVE USD 456 - Marais des Cygnes Valley as FULLY ACCREDITED for the next 5 year accreditation cycle under the Kansas Education Systems Accreditation system from the Kansas State Department of Education.

This action represents the completion of a 5 year process of accreditation for USD 456. Since 2017, the district has taken extensive steps to meet the qualifications of KESA, identify and address needs within the district, and move the district forward in the ever-changing standards of a high achieving school district.

During this time, USD 456 has seen state assessment scores increase, graduation rates increase, and post-secondary attendance rates increase. Additionally, USD 456 has taken deliberate steps regarding its "We Believe" vision statements and other specially identified areas of focus: social/emotional growth, kindergarten readiness, individual plans of study, civic engagement, school attendance, ACT success, and stakeholder engagement.

USD 456 is proud of the progress it has made in order to receive its fully accredited status from the KSBOE, but recognizes that the progress made is only the building blocks for the future, as the district is now in the midst of beginning a new accreditation cycle. We look forward to continuing this process to best serve our students, parents, and community.