Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! We are excited to see you all and cannot wait to get back together as a school family!

As a reminder for this school year:

  • No enrollment fees will be assessed this year
  • Breakfast and lunch will be free for every student for the entirety of the year
  • All back-to-school supplies will be provided by the district to each student, with the exception of a backpack

New this year is our online enrollment process! Here are the things you need to know:

  • Login instructions are below. If parents run into issues, have questions, or need assistance, please contact their child's school directly. Office staff returns to the building on August 2nd.
  • Completion of online enrollment paperwork needs to be completed by Thursday, August 5th.
  • Need a computer, connectivity, or direct assistance? Enrollment in-person via a school computer is available on Wednesday, August 4th and Thursday, August 5th during normal business hours: 8am-4pm.

Directions for login and completing enrollment paperwork:

  • Parents of returning students who DO have a PowerSchool login:
    • Go to the PowerSchool login page and log into your parent account
    • Link HERE
    • Once logged in, use the "Navigation" bar on the left hand side of the page. Midway down the list is a link titled "Forms." Click the "Forms" link to access the "Registration" forms.
    • Once navigated to the "Forms" page, click the first linked form on the list. From there, fill out and submit each form assigned to your student. Once all forms are marked "Submitted" for your student, enrollment is complete.
    • If a parent is unable to upload documentation such as a physical form for athletics, please be sure to drop it off at the school building.
    • For parents of multiple students, please be sure to navigate to each student's profile and complete all forms.
  • Parents of returning students who DO NOT have a PowerSchool login:
    • To request official access, send an email to: with the following information:
      • Student Name
      • Student Grade
      • If needing access to multiple students, please include all students in the request
      • Reply will occur within 24 hours of request
    • Once a reply has been received by the parent with the "Access ID" and "Access Password" for each student, go to the PowerSchool login page and click on the "Create Account" tab.
    • Link HERE
    • Click the "Create Account" button and fill out the form detailing parent name, email, username, password, etc. 
    • Further down the page, parents will need to connect to their student's account via "Access ID" and "Access Password" for each of their students.
    • Once all information has been filled out, click "Enter" at the bottom of the page.
    • Once connected to your student's account, please follow the instructions above for parents of returning students who DO have a PowerSchool login.
  • Parents of students who are new to  the district:
    • Follow the link HERE and fill out the initial information page to create your account.
    • Follow all prompts via PowerSchool's Enrollment Express. Administrator approval will need to occur before moving forward. Approval will occur within 24 hours of submission. 
    • Registration emails can inadvertently be directed to a parent's Spam folder, checking it for communication may be needed.
    • Once registered and approved, please follow the instructions above for parents of returning students who DO have a PowerSchool login.

As mentioned previously, please do not hesitate to contact each school building for help with this process or directly email

Thank you for your assistance in this new endeavor!