At its September 9th, 2020 meeting, the Unified School District #456 Board of Education passed an update to the "Back-to-School Plan," including the addition of the district's Remote Learning Plan. This Remote Learning Plan will be utilized during potential intermittent or long-term interruption of on-site learning for a building or the district as a whole. Additionally, the Remote Learning Plan will also be utilized for individuals who may become quarantined and experience extended periods of time away from school.

In instances of school or district closure, communication will be made via customary methods and within that announcement, a timeline for the Remote Learning Plan would be given. The district would then follow that timeline for the prescribed period of time until we are permitted to begin on-site learning. In instances of individual quarantine, the school building and the individual will communicate directly and specifics will be communicated.

However, in general, learning remotely is:

  • Teachers will provide learning opportunities to students similar to those experienced within the classroom via a teleconferencing platform and online resources.
  • Students will fully participate in those learning opportunities, amounting to 360 minutes of prescribed learning a day.
  • Teachers and students will interact daily either by a check in/check out system or a class-by-class schedule.
  • Parents are asked to establish the necessary responsibilities with their student to assist in their student's success while conducting remote learning.
  • The district will provide supports to students, staff, and parents as all navigate this new version of education.

To view the full Remote Learning Plan, please refer to page 7 of the district's "Back-to-School Plan" HERE.

It is important to note that the district's "Back-to-School Plan" is a continually updated document as this situation continues to be fluid. The district will provide necessary updates as situations dictate and communication will be made in those instances.

Again, thank you to all of our stakeholders as we navigate this uncertain path. As stated when we began this school year, WE BELIEVE, and we continue to hold it to be true. 

As always, if you have any questions or would like to discuss the specifics of this plan with an administrator, please contact us immediately:

District Office: 785-549-3521, Superintendent - Joe Sample,

MdCV Elementary School: 785-759-3512, Principal - Twila Wollenberg,

MdCV Junior-Senior High School: 785-549-3313, Principal - Ben Gordon,