The expectation of the MdCV School District is that every child in the MdCV communities should reap the benefits of an exemplary education. The MdCV School District must have a clear sense of the goals that it is trying to accomplish, the characteristics of the schools that it seeks to provide, and the contributions the various stakeholders in the community must make for these ideals to become reality.

In this pursuit, the district has developed a clearcut standard for goals for the school district, represented by the district's "Mission and Vision" statements. Additionally, to focus the district's efforts, the "We Believe" outcomes and expectations were created. These standards should serve as both the blueprint for our improvement efforts and the benchmarks by which we will evaluate our progress.


Students - The success of MdCV Schools is dependent on the conduct, character, and achievements of all of its students.

Staff - The MdCV School District is committed to recruiting and retaining outstanding educators and staff who are committed to student success and the advancement of the district’s vision.

Leadership - MdCV District Leaders build a shared vision that bridges the district’s past and present with the future that it desires. They encourage and expect excellence from students, staff, and themselves.

Community and Parents - The MdCV School District recognizes the importance of a strong connection between the community and its schools. We strive to develop and maintain the community’s allegiance to and ownership in the school.

Curriculum and Instruction - The MdCV School District is committed to providing a diverse and balanced curriculum that stimulates intellectual curiosity and growth. This curriculum includes a core set of basic skills as well as courses in fine arts, vocational fields of study, and other enrichment opportunities.

School Climate - The MdCV School District ensures that its schools provide a safe and orderly, yet inviting climate that encourages learning and protects instructional time.


All students will attend school regularly

All students' well-being will be supported

All students' stakeholders will be engaged

All students will achieve academic growth

All students will achieve ACT success

All students will graduate

All students will achieve postsecondary success